MASTERMILL 5-in-1 Multi Section Spice Grinder & Dispenser, White (Spices Not Included)

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Introducing our patented 5-in-1 Multi Section Spice Grinder & Dispenser under our MASTERMILL brand.  Tried, tested and loved by Chef Mike Ledesma of the Perch restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, the MASTERMILL easily loads with upto 5 different spices in 1 compact unit allowing you to use as you please by simply selecting the chamber with the desired spice and grinding as much as you need and then turning chambers for the next spice you need and using that. Be able to use salt, pepper, cumin, corriander or cumin all from the same grinder. Watch our video to see how easy and convenient it is to use the MASTERMILL. By cutting out the age old tradition of multiple middleman and retailers we contract manufacture all our kitchen tools directly with quality manufacturers and then sell them straight to you at an affordable price. Simply put - Amazing Quality at Affordable Pricing.