Use & Care - Non-Stick Cookware



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  • Heavy 100% cast aluminum or steel structure for efficient heat distribution throughout the base of the cookware ensuring optimum heat transfer.
  • Enhanced non-stick durability (if/when used) with only superior, long lasting, multi layered non-stick coatings which are always free of any PFOA, Lead, Cadmium, or any other toxic metals.
  • Sturdy construction for a longer lifespan with non-stick coatings (if/when used) and handles that are heat resistant for up to half an hour at maximum 180 C, 350 F, or gas mark 4-5, in any oven. We do not recommend putting any cookware under the direct high heat of a grill or broiler to avoid damaging the non-stick coating (if/when used).
  • Perfect for use on any hob as specified on the packaging. Check on packaging to see if the cookware purchased can be used on an induction hob or not. Aluminum or steel cookware is not microwave safe.



    • Handle Damaged or Repair: - if your cookware has been received with a loose or damaged handle or part do not use it and contact our warranty department immediately for a replacement. It is not safe to use any cookware with a loose handle or damaged part. Do not try to repair a damaged product yourself as it may be unsafe and will also void the warranty.                   
    • Cleaning: - Wash cookware using hot water and mild detergent using a soft sponge. Rinse with cool water and dry thoroughly.  Your cookware is now ready to use.



    • Use the grill section to cook meats and fish and the side sections to cook your vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pancakes, baked beans, boil water to make pasta, etc. Increase heat if sections are not hot enough or slide pan right or left over burner to have more heat on the desired side.
    • Cooking breakfast – start with your bacon and sausages first on the grill section and once they start to cook start doing your eggs, pancakes, beans, on the side as they take less time to cook. You can leave the side section empty while you are grilling meats or vice versa. All sections do not have to be filled to use our cookware.
    • Cooking burgers or grilled meats – start with frying the onions or mushrooms on the side section first and then add your burgers on the grill section after a few minutes since beef burgers don’t take long to cook. If grilling Chicken or Turkey burgers or breast they should be put on first since chicken or turkey takes longer then beef to cook. Buns should be heated right at the end since they get toasted quickly.
    • Once you use the pan a few times you will easily master it so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time because unlike any other pan you are able to cook different foods all at one time so its just a question of figuring out what goes on first.
    • Different foods require different times so start cooking your meats before you cook your dairy or your vegetables. Plus over-cooked or burnt food looses close to all its nutritional value so cook smart and eat healthy!



    • Our cookware is designed to be used on any size hob as the base plate distributes the heat source throughout the pan surface. Just preheat for 60-90 seconds before use.
    • Heat settings are very important when cooking so use lower heat for protein-rich food and medium to medium-high heat for grilling and searing. Heating the cookware for 60-90 seconds before you start cooking will ensure proper heat distribution.  Do not use our cookware on high heat unless using a small burner (then use high) as this will shorten the life of the non-stick coating. Adjust heat higher  or lower accordingly if your cookware is not getting hot enough or too hot.  Overheating your cookware will damage the non-stick coating and void the warranty.
    • It is always recommended to use a little oil or butter to season your pan before cooking. It will not only add extra flavor and taste to your food but prevent food from sticking or burning even on a Non-stick surface. Cooking sprays can burn at even low temperatures so try to avoid using sprays which may affect the non-stick coating by checking to see if your spray is recommended to be used on any non-stick surface.
    • Every cookware heats and cooks differently so get to know your cookware over the first few uses. After you use it a few times you will easily master it so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time.
    • Different foods require different times so start cooking your meats before you cook your dairy or your vegetables. Plus over-cooked or burnt food looses close to all its nutritional value so cook smart and eat healthy!
    • Always allow foods to come to room temperature before cooking. Placing foods straight from the refrigerator onto your pan will cause them to stick and cook uneven.
    • Always use the correct utensils on any non-stick cookware – either plastic, rubber, silicon, or wooden. Avoid using metal utensils or anything sharp on your cookware as scratches may not affect the nonstick properties of your pan but they will certainly disfigure the surface outlook and slowly peel away over time.
    • Bare in mind that when using on a direct gas hob the handle and/or helper handles on the side can get hot or damaged if in direct contact with a flame source so make sure the flame source is only in contact with the base plate and not the handles.
    • Do not overheat any empty cookware. Always make sure that oil, water or food materials is in the cookware as soon as it starts getting hot.



    • After using let cool before washing and always wash your cookware by hand using only mild detergent and warm water or in your dishwasher under a gentle cycle.
    • Do not use steel wool, scouring, or any abrasive pad that may scratch the coating.
    • The base of most pans maybe slightly concave when cold but expands to flatten out when heated. Always let your cookware cool before cleaning it. This allows the base to resume its original shape and helps to prevent it becoming uneven over use.
    • Do not store wet or damp pans. Cloth dry completely before storing.
    • Our cookware is safe to put into the dishwasher but the non-stick coating is so easy to clean that we recommend a quick hand wash instead. If using a dishwasher make sure to only use warm water and mild detergent as using hot water and harsh detergents will affect the lifespan of the nonstick coating which over time twill cause the pan's coating to deteriorate much faster than washing by hand. The aluminum or steel base plate (depending on what model you bought) will gradually stain and discolor over time after multiple washes but this is normal with most cookware and will not affect the performance of the pan. 
    • If, through misuse, burned grease or food residue collects on the surface, it can usually be removed with warm water and a mild detergent. Apply to the cooking surface with a sponge or plastic scrubbing pad. After cleaning, recondition the surface with a light wipe of cooking oil.


    • Always lift the pan when moving it on a glass ceramic hob to avoid scratching the hob.
    • Most cookware, handles or helper handles will get hot during use so always use good quality pot holders when carrying it to avoid getting burnt.
    • Don’t use high heat or let the pan boil dry (heating it without any food) for too long as the base will skew by overheating and the non-stick coating will get damaged.
    • Damage to your pan due to overheating and improper cooking techniques will void our guarantee.
    • Do not use cookware as a food storage container, which could encourage staining. It’s better to keep cookware clean when not in use.
    • Note about Pet Birds: always observe the rules of sensible cooking and never let foodstuffs or an empty pan overheat. Both may cause fumes which, while not dangerous to humans or most household pets, can adversely affect pet birds. Birds have unusually sensitive respiratory systems, and are affected by such fumes. Pet birds should always be kept in a well ventilated room, and never in the kitchen.



    • If the handle gets loose, breaks or cracks for any reason contact us for an original MASTERPAN® replacement and do not try to glue your broken handle together  as doing this will void the warranty and may be dangerous.
    • Do not leave your cookware unattended on any live burner or grill.
    • Be careful when moving a hot pot/pan with hot food or oil in it.
    • Do not store food in your cookware after it is cooked.
    • To remove white film or water-spotting caused by minerals in tap water try rubbing with a sponge using vinegar or lemon juice.
    • If cookware is stacked one on top of the other, we recommend placing a sheet of wax paper, felt separator, or silicone pad between them to prevent them from getting damaged or scratched.


    Warranty Registration & Limited Lifetime Warranty Information


    • Please register your warranty by emailing us your full name, email address, and a copy of your invoice to It is that simple. 
    • If you bought it directly on our site then you are automatically registered. If you received it as a gift and do not have an invoice copy just mention that in your email. 


    • In the event of any claim for one of our products please email a picture of the damage/s and let us know the problem so we can attend to your claim as soon as possible. Our Warranty Team will respond to your claim accordingly.
    • Ensure proper use and care of your product/s to validate this warranty.
    • Our warranty covers your product/s from any material or workmanship defects at time of production and its non-stick coating under normal and non-professional use as mentioned in this care guide.
    • Our warranty does not cover damages to your product/s from excessive commercial use, normal wear and tear, deterioration due to dishwasher use, improper use such as accidents, boiling dry, over-heating an empty pot/pan, misuse, abuse, commercial or non-consumer use, overheating due to pro-longed use, scratches from metal utensils or objects, stains from certain food products, and improper cleaning.
    • In the event of any claim we reserve the right of the final decision of either repair, replacement (or if no longer in stock a replacement) or refund of purchase price paid in part or whole depending on the nature of the damage.
    • In the event of a repair or replacement there will be no charge besides shipping and handling cost. The cost of returning the product to MASTERPAN is up to the customer. The cost of shipping and handling a replacement is a flat US$9.99 per product that is under warranty. 
    • We do not cover any incidental or consequential damages arising from any direct or indirect use or dropping of our product/s.
    • Our warranty does not cover any third party liability damage that may arise from improper use or handling of our product/s such as damage to personal property, bodily parts, flooring, etc., by accidental dropping of our product/s or damage to other product/s by improper storage of our product/s.
    • This warranty does not cover scratches or damage that is merely cosmetic or minor in that it does not significantly affect the performance of the product/s itself. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal.  
    • Our non-stick replacement guarantee: every non-stick coating will eventually wear out depending on usage and no company can guarantee that but we can guarantee is that if it wears out within 12 months of purchase because you used our pan everyday then we will offer you a brand new pan at half the price to replace your old one. So for example you purchased a new pan for US$29.99 and the non-stick coating wore out due to normal wear and tear and you want to replace it, simply just email us a copy of your invoice and picture of the pan and we will send you a brand new pan for only US$14.99 + US$9.99 for the shipping and handle so atleast you get a brand new pan to use.  No other company offers that. 

    Have any questions not answered here please just email us at We are always happy to answer any of your questions.