MASTERPAN Ceramic Nonstick Stovetop Oven Frypan & Skillet with Stainless Steel Lid & Utensils, Beet 9.5" (24cm)

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Introducing the unique MASTERPAN 9.5” (24CM) Stovetop Oven Fry Pan & Skillet. The only pan that has the features of an oven but can be used on a stovetop. Instead of waiting to heat up your oven and then baking your food for lengthy periods of time, use our stovetop oven fry pan to cook frozen foods and other foods you would put in the oven. The lid is made from stainless steel for longer lasting use and has over 5000 laser etched holes that act as a splatter guard preventing hot oil splashing out, retain heat on the inside but releasing steam at the same time to avoid condensation on the inside. Creates a close to perfect oven-like temperature on the inside reheating fried food and pizzas to its original hot and crispy state. Lid can be used as a splatter guard for any other pot or pan between 8-9.5” as well. Works great for frozen foods without having to heat up a big oven just for frozen fish fingers or burgers. Ideal in re-creating an oven environment on camping trips and smaller homes with no ovens. 4 colors to choose from.