5-PC Knife Set With Bamboo Block Stand 8"

5-PC Knife Set With Bamboo Block Stand 8"
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PROVEN WORKMANSHIP: Premium crafted and razor sharp high carbon stainless steel blades well balanced for extraordinary performance made by professional manufacturer with years of experience. Solid bamboo block stand.

SOLID GRIP: Ergonomic 1-pc stainless steel handle on the knives provides solid and comfortable grip while cutting

STUNNING DESIGN: Extra sharp blade on the knives for long lasting performance with a beautiful design, adding style and refinement to any kitchen. Matching steel colour rim band around the block stand for added beauty

PERFECT FOR ALL TASK: Amazing performance by knives providing minimal resistance for any kind of cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, and even de-boning

DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE: Curved wider blade on the Chef’s Knife helps for easy rocking motion to finely mince herbs and food and transfer them from chopping board to pan while the seamless 1-pc design of all 5 knives helps eliminate food and dirt pockets.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 30 day return policy if unhappy with product or packaging

MASTERPAN is committed to making a no-nonsense range of great quality professional kitchen knife sets under their MASTERLON brand at an affordable price that can be used and loved by not only professional chefs but average home cooks as well. We have an entire range of different amazingly sharp knives all with comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles that are sure to cater to all your cutting needs. We do not believe in using fancy words or descriptions such as “3-step method”, “12 degree edges”, “mirror polished cutting angle”, “67-layer”, “liquid nitrogen tempered”, “military grade handle”, “full tang”, “semi-stiff blade”, yada, yada, yada, to sugar coat our products. You do not need a blade that is going to split a hair in half, what you need is a sharp enough blade that will slice and dice all foods effortlessly which is what all our knives will do. By cutting out all this unnecessary jargon and the age old tradition of multiple middleman and retailers we contract manufacture all our knives directly with quality manufacturers and then sell them straight to you at an affordable price. Simply put – Amazing Quality at Affordable Pricing. All You Need to Know – The Important Key features THE HANDLE – curved, non-slip, sturdy and ergonomic THE EDGE - ideal for cutting all kinds of vegetables and meats THE BLADE – non-reactive, high-carbon, corrosion resistant, 100% food grade, stainless steel THE STAND – bamboo, solid, long lasting

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